News nr. 4: „Bloody cargo“

Thursday, June 16: Today we spotted the Reinefangst near Svolvaer. This ship has obviously killed several whales! The first picture is showing the Reinefangst without any cargo on board. The second one was taken by us today and shows the same ship with approximately the meat of 30 whales in the cold-storage room. This ship has a maximum load of nearly 50 minke whales.

Based of some indicators, we know that the Reinefangst is hunting whales at the moment, not fish. there are no nets nor any other fishing gear on board. Instead there are planks on deck, that should prevent the bloody meat from contact with the varnish.

All in all, we are monitoring the return of 17 whaling vessels at the moment. Where the Reinefangst is unloading cargo or if she will go out and hunt again, we will find out today.

We will upload the whole whaler-hunt video on this weekend!

second Foto first foto