News nr. 6: „Whaling lobby“

-The whaling lobby isn`t satisfied with the outlet of the whale meat, the catch has been reduced and the sale decreases extreme.

-The not fulfilled quote is added to the free catch of the 20 whaling vessels.

-Since 2016 there is a quote free time from April till the beginning of june, the whalers are allowed to catch how much they find!
-The business volume is not equal to the investigtion, the whalers are getting subsidy from the taxes to keep employments for the „northfolk“, the missing money is payed from Innovasjonen Norge! This company uses taxes and invest with them 1,0 to 2,5 million Krones for whaling. This means that every whalers earns nearly 64.000 Krones ( from 2,5 million ) just from the taxes not from the income.

-Although some politics say that whaling is not sustainable it is ever tried to say that this whaling in Norway has no influences on population. They kill up to 1000 every year and the population is a little under 100.000 at the moment, so they kill 1% of the population and this is much!

-Against every logic the whaling is supported by the government

-There are also private donations for whaling

-There are 20 whaling vessels on hunt 2016, we are monitoring 15 of them, we didn`t found the other five up to know!