Caspian Seal

We don`t share petitions very often! This is a part of the massage we recieved from Nataliya Shumeyko, who does the conservation work at the Caspian Sea:
Europe and Asia, in the largest lake of the world – in the Caspian Sea – the smallest seals of the world inhabit, unique, charming, living only there and nowhere else (endemic, as biologists say). Today these seals are on the verge of extinction, in 5-7 years – the end, they will disappear. In the International Red List of Threatened Species, the Caspian seal has long been specified as “endangered”, but in Russia – it is still an object of legal hunting! and contacted us and gave us the whole information, they had! We hope to show you, that this is a save and serious petition for the survival of the caspian seals. If you are interessted in the biology and conservation work of this organisations you can open the pdf, that we added!
Here is the direct link to the petition:

PDF (578kb)