News nr. 3: Whale meat is out

Monday 06.June: Since two weeks we inform pssersby and tourists…seems like we have success! The market stall in Svolvaer, where whale meat is sold, has nearly no costumers the past eight days. We explain the people how cruel the hunt itself is, that “hval” is whale meat and in some circumstances it has a high mercury wage. We also show, that the blubber and oil is dumped illegal and that the minke whales are maybe more endangered than thought. We have a lack of knowlegde from this whale species.

Tuesday 07.June: Svolvaer looks calm firsthand! But we heard from our contacts, that there was a student meeting and the food was ordert without whale beaf. But after this meal the waitress offers some “recommendation” from the head cook to the students – whale meat. But fortunately they declined it.

We also recieved some hydrophone records of the Vestfjord from this joung researchers and their nice prof. ! Beneath the surface there is pandemonium: This detornations every 8 seconds from the seismic research drowning every other noise in the Fjord.

Wednesday 08.June: No work, the storm has forced me to leave the tent and rent a hut. Considering gusts of 10 bft it was impossible to sleep in the tent anymore!

Thursday 09.June: At 4 o`clock in the morning I reached the spot place. At 8:30 I spotted a whaler passing by direction to Svolvaer! I missed the first bus and was waking to Kabelvag where I took the next one! As I arrived at the whaling factory in Svolvaer the water around this whaling vessel was swimming a greasy film! To my surprise I got some help from the campers from Berlin I met in Kabelvag! And after a short time we found this blubber that was gump into the Water of the harbour. Since today we know for shure that they do it intentionally. The gump of blubber is definetly illegal. If gumping of liquid fet is also illegal, I got to find out!

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