News about operation Whale Defence Norway!!


Our preparation for the upcoming operation 2017 is nearly done! The crewing is nearly finished – so if you want to join us, this is your last chance! If you want to help us you can also donate to :

Hohenzollerische Landesbank
Kreissparkasse Sigmaringen
IBAN: DE49 6535 1050 0000 0357 45

In the past two years we managed to save 2 whales in the Nusfjord Moskenes in a conflict situation that was caused by the whaling vessel Nystrand. We stayed with these beautiful animals and the Nystrand eventually gave up! After this escalation the Nystrand returned and finished off the hunting season! We managed to get important interviews and other material to work against the reservations Norway got from the IWC and CITES Appendices § 2.2.2. EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone! More information about our success and our main goal is coming soon, because the trial against one of our activists is still going on. We also have started a criminal charge against the skipper of the Nystrand. As soon as both charges are on the run, we give more information on our public pages.
Next year we will return with a bigger team and use all our knowledge to become more effective against the illegal whaling in the Vestfjord and the whaling industry on the Lofoten. We also hope that we get more press attention on this shameful hunt! We will do everything to show it to the world! Norway must stop whaling and hopefully our ongoing campaign will reach that goal in the coming years!