In early 2015, we founded the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society Germany e.V. (IMMCS Germany e.V.) which was officially registered, and also approved charitable by the revenue department later the same year. Our fundamental objective is the conservation of the marine ecosystem including all flora (plants) and fauna (animals) dwelling in it.

The naming (“International Marine Mammal Conservation Society“), of course, pointedly indicates our main concern which is the conservation of marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins. Marine mammals stand at the top of the pelagic foodchain, and thus are a basic factor as well as an indicator on the viability of the marine ecosystem. Hence oblique their wellfare is closely intertwined to the prosperity of mankind and all land living creatures which we bear responsibility for. Moreover highly developed marine mammals, particularly whales (cetaceae, mysticeti) and dolphins, can be considered as marine counterpart to primates. Another good reason to treat them like brothers.

By means of awareness campaigns we aim to conscientise the public at large on our objectives, and thus aim to fortify their competence to claim measures from administrations for the purposes of environmental and animal protection. The functional responsibility and professional expertise that this claim demands from us is beeing cultivated by our own diligent investigation, on the one hand, and collaboration with scientists, on the other hand, for whom we are a voice reaching beyond their professional circles.

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