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Our preparation for the upcoming operation 2017 is nearly done! The crewing is nearly finished – so if you want to join us, this is your last chance! If you want to help us you can also donate to :

Hohenzollerische Landesbank
Kreissparkasse Sigmaringen
IBAN: DE49 6535 1050 0000 0357 45

In the past two years we managed to save 2 whales in the Nusfjord Moskenes in a conflict situation that was caused by the whaling vessel Nystrand. We stayed with these beautiful animals and the Nystrand eventually gave up! After this escalation the Nystrand returned and finished off the hunting season! We managed to get important interviews and other material to work against the reservations Norway got from the IWC and CITES Appendices § 2.2.2. EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone! More information about our success and our main goal is coming soon, because the trial against one of our activists is still going on. We also have started a criminal charge against the skipper of the Nystrand. As soon as both charges are on the run, we give more information on our public pages.
Next year we will return with a bigger team and use all our knowledge to become more effective against the illegal whaling in the Vestfjord and the whaling industry on the Lofoten. We also hope that we get more press attention on this shameful hunt! We will do everything to show it to the world! Norway must stop whaling and hopefully our ongoing campaign will reach that goal in the coming years!

Invitation „Oceanday“ 03.12.2016

When: 03.12.2016 from 6pm to 9pm
Where: DHBW Stuttgart Jägerstraße 56
What we do: Lectures from Organisation OceanSounds e.V. , IMMCS-Germany e.V.,
University Papua
6-9pm: The language of whales from
marine biologist Heike Vester Ocean Sounds
7:15-8:00pm: The life of the sea turtles ( in english ) from
Professor Ricardo F. Tapilatu, Head of Research Center for Pacific Marine
8:30-9:00pm: Campaign against whaling at Lofoten
IMMCS-Germany e.V.,
Michael Tenten

News nr. 6: “Whaling lobby”

-The whaling lobby isn`t satisfied with the outlet of the whale meat, the catch has been reduced and the sale decreases extreme.

-The not fulfilled quote is added to the free catch of the 20 whaling vessels.

-Since 2016 there is a quote free time from April till the beginning of june, the whalers are allowed to catch how much they find!
-The business volume is not equal to the investigtion, the whalers are getting subsidy from the taxes to keep employments for the “northfolk”, the missing money is payed from Innovasjonen Norge! This company uses taxes and invest with them 1,0 to 2,5 million Krones for whaling. This means that every whalers earns nearly 64.000 Krones ( from 2,5 million ) just from the taxes not from the income.

-Although some politics say that whaling is not sustainable it is ever tried to say that this whaling in Norway has no influences on population. They kill up to 1000 every year and the population is a little under 100.000 at the moment, so they kill 1% of the population and this is much!

-Against every logic the whaling is supported by the government

-There are also private donations for whaling

-There are 20 whaling vessels on hunt 2016, we are monitoring 15 of them, we didn`t found the other five up to know!


By Øystein Ingebrigtsen June 24. 2016

Opposers of the whaling hold a demonstration in Svolvær: – “A cruel act”

By Øystein Ingebrigtsen June 24. 2016

Representatives from an organization called “International Marine Mammal Conservation Society” (IMMCS) are in Lofoten, and on Thursday they demonstrated their anti-whaling message with a banner hanging from the Svinøya bridge in Svolvær.


The protest happened near by the factory Lofothval AS, owned by L.Bergs Sønner (L.Berg’s sons) on Svinøya island, where the vessel Reinebuen delivered their catch at the same time.

– “We were here last year, but under cover”, said Michael Tenten and Per Ola Reymert Skjæraasen, and told us they are documenting and filming to see how the whaling is done.

– “We will come back next year and then with more people”, the two also said. They claim that there is a purpose to document the whaling in the area.

They are clear on the fact that they are opposers of whaling. The German Michael Tenten saaid the hunt should not be happening in the 21. century.

– “It ia a cruel act”, he states.

With a big banner saying “Stop whaling now” also the “International Marine Mammal Conservation Society” marked themselves in Lofotposten (Foto: Øystein Ingebrigtsen)


The Two pointed out international law and also claimed that the whale blubber dumped into the harbor.

On Facebook IMMCS reports observations of boats in Lofoten where the activists followed the boats by foot and and also looked for whales in the Vestfjorden. The two observed activities in Svolvær by Lofothval AS and in Hopen by Hopen Fisk AS as well. They also mention the use of aerial drones to take pictures.

IMMCS writes on their web page that they defend marine wildlife and that they use former military personnel and military tactics at sea.

{Note from the activists: We have no idea where they got this idea from!}

They say here that they they have an enforcement role to physically stop transactions and stop illegal whaling and fishing.

” The International Marine Mammal Conservation Society is a global marine conservation organization founded in November 2012 aiming to protect marine animals and ecosystems through research, rescue and rehabilitation, education and direct action. We take on an enforcement role by physically obstructing, harassing and shutting down illegal whaling and fishing activities on the high seas.”

{Again, note from the activists: This is not our statement in the IMMCS Germany! }
International Marine Mammal Conservation Society has a base in The United States, California and a department in Stuttgart, Germany.


The Skipper Bjørn Andersen on Reinebuen commented the demonstration when he and his crew unloaded the cargo. He talks about management of the population and of a resource.

– The acivists have to address the Parliament that decides that whales shall be shot, says Andersen. He also states that earlier happenings with anti whaling activists around the whaling industry are to be taken seriously.


News nr. 5: The “official” hunt begins!

Around the beginning of June, the counting of dead whales for the quota starts. From then on, the minke whales that are killed are added to the quota. Before that date, the whalers are allowed to kill as many as they can and they don’t count for the quota. This season the quota amounts to 880 minke whales ( past season the quota was 1280, so significantly higher!). As far as we know, about 300 whales were killed up to now.

13th June: Svolvaer is quiet. The Nystrand was on the hunt but returns empty handed to the island of Röst. The Nordfangst is still docked at the harbour in Svolvaer.

14th June: We find alarming amounts of “whale blubber” (whale fat that is possibly contaminated with mercury and PCBs) in the water beside the factory Lofothval AS in Svolvaer. We take out some of it for examination and dispose of it afterwards in the garbage can nearby.

In the afternoon, we enter into a conflict discussion with the head of the factory, Rune Frövik. He claims that it is a “natural form of recycling” to dump blubber into the sea. He also says that the ocean being so big, the contamination problem will not arise! We point out that the whalers are killing one per cent of the whole population of minke whales – not counting the unborn calves of pregnant females. Sadly it is a common practice of the Norwegian whalers to target pregnant cows, since they move more slowly and are easier to hit with the harpoon. Rune Frövik does not react but changes the topic and asks us if he can take a photo. We agree.

The hunt is important, Rune Frövik explains, because otherwise there would be too many whales (a ridiculous argument that hunters use often! ). He also denies that the contamination of the blubber is higher than in the meat. As we question him about Japans rejection of the traded blubber – on account of contamination – he evades the topic again and explains that he doesn`t export. And admits that export is illegal!

15th June : After a three day break, the market stall selling whale meat opens again. But still there are no customers! No activities at the factory. In the afternoon, we perform the first practice flight with our drone, the “Kraken”.

16th June: We do a routine check of the Vestfjord and also look out for the whales who are now back in the Vestfjord. Since the seismic tests have stopped, some life is returning! There might even be two humpback whales in the fjord! Then we spot a whaling vessel. As we assess the material later on we can identify it as the Reinefangst. The activities on board look like they have killed a whale shortly beforehand. To unload cargo, the vessel does not go to Svolvaer, but continues to Hopen Fisk AS in Hopen.

17th June: In the morning we drive to the factory Hopen Fisk AS. We manage to get through to the anchoring place and identify the Reinefangst, but after a short time we get kicked out. So Per Ola climbs up the mountain and Michael is crossing the swamp to get a better view. And it works! Per joins Michael in the swamp to film as the whale meat is unloaded! The slices of meat are unbelievably big. To get a picture from above Per Ola has the drone “Kraken” flying over the factory.

When editing our material, we find the obviously fully loaded Rowenta 2 coming in, but passing Svolvaer in direction of Reine. So it becomes clear that – contrary to the information we previously got from our contacts – the other factories (besides Svolvaer) are also in operation, now that the “official” quota period of the season has started! (By the way 70% of the factories belong to Lofothval AS. It is a setback because we are a very small team and now we will have problems to monitor the whole movements.

On the weekend we have a break! There is no activity in Svolvaer and the rest of the ships will not arrive before the beginning of the coming week. In order to be able to monitor more places we are looking for volunteers locally now.

Walfleisch Per Drone second Foto first foto

News nr. 4: “Bloody cargo”

Thursday, June 16: Today we spotted the Reinefangst near Svolvaer. This ship has obviously killed several whales! The first picture is showing the Reinefangst without any cargo on board. The second one was taken by us today and shows the same ship with approximately the meat of 30 whales in the cold-storage room. This ship has a maximum load of nearly 50 minke whales.

Based of some indicators, we know that the Reinefangst is hunting whales at the moment, not fish. there are no nets nor any other fishing gear on board. Instead there are planks on deck, that should prevent the bloody meat from contact with the varnish.

All in all, we are monitoring the return of 17 whaling vessels at the moment. Where the Reinefangst is unloading cargo or if she will go out and hunt again, we will find out today.

We will upload the whole whaler-hunt video on this weekend!

second Foto first foto

News nr. 3: Whale meat is out

Monday 06.June: Since two weeks we inform pssersby and tourists…seems like we have success! The market stall in Svolvaer, where whale meat is sold, has nearly no costumers the past eight days. We explain the people how cruel the hunt itself is, that “hval” is whale meat and in some circumstances it has a high mercury wage. We also show, that the blubber and oil is dumped illegal and that the minke whales are maybe more endangered than thought. We have a lack of knowlegde from this whale species.

Tuesday 07.June: Svolvaer looks calm firsthand! But we heard from our contacts, that there was a student meeting and the food was ordert without whale beaf. But after this meal the waitress offers some “recommendation” from the head cook to the students – whale meat. But fortunately they declined it.

We also recieved some hydrophone records of the Vestfjord from this joung researchers and their nice prof. ! Beneath the surface there is pandemonium: This detornations every 8 seconds from the seismic research drowning every other noise in the Fjord.

Wednesday 08.June: No work, the storm has forced me to leave the tent and rent a hut. Considering gusts of 10 bft it was impossible to sleep in the tent anymore!

Thursday 09.June: At 4 o`clock in the morning I reached the spot place. At 8:30 I spotted a whaler passing by direction to Svolvaer! I missed the first bus and was waking to Kabelvag where I took the next one! As I arrived at the whaling factory in Svolvaer the water around this whaling vessel was swimming a greasy film! To my surprise I got some help from the campers from Berlin I met in Kabelvag! And after a short time we found this blubber that was gump into the Water of the harbour. Since today we know for shure that they do it intentionally. The gump of blubber is definetly illegal. If gumping of liquid fet is also illegal, I got to find out!

CIMG2756 CIMG2744 CIMG2739 CIMG2732 CIMG2653

Here is the first official news from norway

As unfortunately expected, whaling is in full progress there.

Here is the first official news from norway! As unfortunately expected, whaling is in full progress there.

The situation on 25.May: The whaling vessels Reinebuen, Reinefangst and the Ann Brita are on the hunt. We are very likely these boats killed the 37 whales that where mentioned in the press. The Unstad Junior is traveling the fjord to Tromsø and will maybe go out on the north atlantic walehunting in the direction to Spitzbergen.

26.May: The Rowenta is preparirg to go out hunting. The deck is covered with planks, to beware that the whale meat is not coming in contact with the vanish.

27.May: The whaling vessels Reinebuen and Ann Brita have returned to Reine. Their cargo has been loaded in Svolvaer.

28.May: Infront of the whaling factory in Svolvaer whale blubber was floating in the harbour, it is against the law to dump blubber that way! In this fat, the subcutaneaus fat, a lot of pollutants are retained within. In the past it happened very often, that tons of this blubber that was sold was forbidden for the reason of its dramatic poisoning.

More news coming soon. ( “The ocean is unusually quiet at the moment – just the detornations of the fuel search every eight seconds” )

Beim Verladen 13334276_1778520845712305_259605580_o Walspeck CIMG2347 CIMG2312 CIMG2276



Caspian Seal

We don`t share petitions very often! This is a part of the massage we recieved from Nataliya Shumeyko, who does the conservation work at the Caspian Sea:
Europe and Asia, in the largest lake of the world – in the Caspian Sea – the smallest seals of the world inhabit, unique, charming, living only there and nowhere else (endemic, as biologists say). Today these seals are on the verge of extinction, in 5-7 years – the end, they will disappear. In the International Red List of Threatened Species, the Caspian seal has long been specified as “endangered”, but in Russia – it is still an object of legal hunting! and contacted us and gave us the whole information, they had! We hope to show you, that this is a save and serious petition for the survival of the caspian seals. If you are interessted in the biology and conservation work of this organisations you can open the pdf, that we added!
Here is the direct link to the petition:

PDF (578kb)