IMMCS Germany e.V. – Commitment for the Ecosystems of North Sea, Baltic Sea and North Atlantic

The charitable association for the conservation of the maritime Ecosystem International Marine Mammal Conservation Society Germany e.V. (IMMCS Germany e.V.), faces up to the often disregarded ecological issues of the North Sea and Baltic Sea such as the decrease of the harbour porpoise population or the progressively occurring issues due to shrimp fishing in the Wadden Sea. Even the Heligoland Lobster today belongs to the endangered species, and therefore is a problem that we dedicate our work to.

Drift net fishing in the Baltic-Sea confronts the harbour porpoise which is the only species of whale domestic to this region to a very grave situation. It is considered highly endangered. Often it is disposed of with by-catch or being processed to fish meal. Only a few years ago the population was classified stable, and therefore refuge zones received less control. As a result commercial fishing caused above-mentioned impacts on the population, and noise pollution emitted by shipping, a torturing exposure for this species, added to those impacts. Regularly individuals of all ages beach themselves.

Likewise the Wadden Sea faces a heavy decrease of populations domestic to this region. One of the many different reasons for this quite likely is the overfishing of the Northwestern European stretch of water. But there is another far to little observed reason. The ground nets posed by shrimpers which continuously dig over the sea ground up to 48 hours rummage around and destroy the nursery of many thalassian such as plaice, flounder and herring or other native/endemic species. Most of us are not really aware of the danger the ecosystem next to our veranda is exposed to on a regular basis. The danger is not being realised because the coast and the islands are holiday destinations, and fishing cutters belong to our romantic image of the place.