Quite Dangerous

Our chief investigator on the Lofoten Islands was able to shoot some pictures on board of whaler Unstad Junior. To unobtrusively get there, he had to take a march of more than five miles cross the wilderness carrying his full field kit.

As far as we can see now, Norway reports the Unstad Junior as an ordinary trawler which is even allowed to enter EU-waters. We will keep eye on this issue and conduct further checks, since the pictures we took on deck of the Un…stad Junior prove that it is a ready to hunt whaler. Locals we asked confirm that this ship with its speargun goes exclusively hunting for whales. The ship lacks any devices or appliances to mount fishnets of any kind.

Is this how solely non-commercial whaling which Norway allegedly conducts looks like?

The impressions we also get from whalers in other harbours on the Lofoten and not to forget the professional vending presentation of the product as shown in an earlier post below consign serious doubts about that. The recordings on board of the Unstad Junior had to stop abruptly, when suddenly the fleet chief Rami Unstad arrived in his luxury sedan. By accident or whisper down the lane?

(Please note: The killing scenes on the video are pictures, which the whalers themselves present on the internet to promote their bloody craft)

Chief Investigator Reveals Indentity and Takes Stock Of This Year’s Campaign

Now that IMMCS Norway Whale defense 2015 closes having gained as much information as possible for a succesful campaign in 2016, our chief investigator shows his face to the camera for the first time. As insiders already knew, it is Michael Tenten, President of IMMCS Germany. Before he left Norway earlier this week, he went to Svolvaer where he met Heike Vester of Ocean Sound, who is doing scientific …research on the social life of whales, especially their acoustic communication known as their song. This is Michael´s upshot in German of his first stay on the Lofoten.

For now we apologize for the missing subtitles which we promise to deliver with the grand documentation that is going to follow soon.


Food for the Mind, Phat Soundz and a Vegan Catering Symphonie

King-size thanks go out to all those who helped making IMMCS Germany’s annual meeting a true success, the audience to our presentations on IMMCS-Actions 2015/2016 and the bands.

Thank you Danger Dudes, Samarah, Krautalarm, A True Romance und Ayscobe. You definitely rock!

And there was also culinary music playing. Thank you kitchen fairy Julia Holtz for providing healthy delicacies. Heedful gusto has a home. Connoisseurs treat themselves to some fine food at Marples, Esslingen.